At Birdware, we are on a mission to eliminate disposables and single-use plastics from the food industry. We believe in a world where food packaging is fully reused, where food tastes better, and the earth feels better.
Since covid started there has been 6x the surge on plastic waste specifically due to take out and outdoor dining, less workforce and plateware phobia. While eco-friendly compostable is a great step forward they require facilitation for the compost to actually perform accurately and most of the time compostable end up in trash. Plastic waste contributes to horrific climate change. 
Birdware aims to invest into creating a zero-waste reusable food container system to eliminate single-plastic use and create a shared reusable economy. Birdware is to build the operation and logistics of providing reusable containers to clients, customers to use reusable and birdware is in charge of collecting, cleaning and returning them to them back to the client.
We enable businesses to conveniently adopt reusable packaging that reduces waste, saves money and enhances food experience 
The growing market of delivery and take away
After the outbreak of COVID 19, delivery and take away is presenting restaurants with one of the only ways to grow in a segment marred by fierce competition, tightening margins and labor shortages. Experts have found that consumers buy more food via delivery than they would in-store, and are increasingly demanding the service.
Delivery and take away became overnight normalized in many places in the world. There is a growing need for social distancing, saving time, a growing need for convenience, and delivery solves a lot of these problems specially for millennials.
However, the growth in delivery services in the food industry has an exponential growth in single use items (food containers) producing a lot of waste. The excessive consumption of single use containers in the food and restaurant industry contributes to environmental disasters. Landfills are filling up. Enormous islands of floating garbage are created by ocean currents threatening marine wildlife. Recycling has been the “go-to” method for dealing with the issue but it simply isn’t working.

Some restaurants, festivals and food events organizers are shifting to alternative materials like paper or other types of plastic in an effort to be “more sustainable”. However, this practice is still producing a lot of waste and takes a lot of space in the city trash cans and waste facilities. The lack of knowledge and information makes it difficult for the food industry  to implement better solutions to the single use problem.
52% of plastic waste is dominated by single-use plastic
8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year
91% of recycle plastic never gets recycled
At this rate, my 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.
We empower businesses to effortlessly embrace reusable packaging by bringing back the milk man model.
Birdware is a company that specializes in creating a zero-waste reusable food container system to eliminate single-plastic use and foster a shared reusable economy. The company's strategic direction revolves around revolutionizing the food industry by making reuse convenient and enabling businesses to adopt reusable packaging that reduces waste, saves money, and enhances the food experience. 

Birdware addresses several key challenges faced by the food industry. Firstly, the use of single-use food containers contributes to environmental pollution and waste. Secondly, managing inventory and upkeep of disposable containers can be costly and burdensome for restaurants and small businesses. Thirdly, low recycling rates and confusion regarding recycling methods further exacerbate the problem. Lastly, the poor design of food containers leads to a negative eating experience and food waste.

In response to these challenges, Birdware offers a solution that reduces costs, waste management, and logistics by adopting a reuse model. By providing clean, reusable food containers we enable a seamless transition into sustainable business practices. Birdware adds a digital layer of data collection and real-time analytics to encourage innovation, motivate customers, and enable businesses to enhance their PR and CSR profiles. 
We want to help organizations become climate-neutral by 2030 through the elimination of single-use products from their business models. 
Birdware streamlines distributing, collecting, and cleaning reusable containers. Birdware offers subscription and rental services for reusable containers to the food industry, aiming to provide innovative service models that reduce costs, share resources, and contribute to the industry's sustainability. The company's core capabilities lie in the operation and logistics of providing reusable containers to clients and customers. Birdware takes charge of collecting, cleaning, and returning the containers to its clients, creating a new circular system of food containers. By eliminating the purchase of single-use items and establishing a shared inventory of food containers across multiple businesses, Birdware helps the food industry reduce costs and share resources.
The operational process of Birdware involves distributing containers tailored to customers needs, collecting empty containers from designated drop points, and conscientiously washing and cleaning them for reuse.  Birdware's core capabilities revolve around providing reusable food containers to the food industry, implementing a circular system, and leveraging data and analytics to drive sustainability and business growth. We aim to eliminate single-use plastic food containers, support organizations in becoming climate neutral, and create a positive impact by reducing waste and promoting reuse.
Our competitive advantage relative to these competitors lies in our holistic and systematic approach. Birdware not only delivers efficient and convenient reuse solutions but also leverages over a decade of expertise in food systems. This allows us to identify opportunities for reuse, rescue, and improvement in food mechanisms, benefiting both the environment and the culinary experience.
Unlike fragmented competitors, Birdware is community-oriented and collaborates with best-in-class services at every stage to address sustainability comprehensively. Our laser focus on corporate clients ensures that we speak the same language and can adapt our services precisely to meet your corporate sustainability goals.
Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our core services. Birdware is dedicated to minimizing its environmental footprint and maximizing social impact in the food and packaging industry. In addition to our innovative decentralized reuse model, we actively engage with local communities, nonprofit partners, and sustainability initiatives to foster positive change. Our focus on community-oriented solutions means that we not only provide environmentally friendly services but also contribute to local economies and employment opportunities. We are proud to collaborate with nonprofit partners to provide jobs in our communities, furthering our commitment to social responsibility. Birdware is a multicultural and multi-location team, driven by our shared love for food! We are continuously exploring advancements in technology, sustainability initiatives, inclusion, and social impact to capture the best ideas that can help enhance the efficiency and convenience of reuse services and sharing economies. Our mission is to eliminate single-use in the food industry. We want to help create a world where food packaging is fully reused. The food tastes better, and the earth feels better. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Google in creating a greener, more sustainable future.
I am a co-founder of Birdware. Proud to learn and collaborate with a team committed to making a lasting impact. Our mission is to eliminate single-use in the food industry by making reuse convenient. To learn more please visit:​​​​​​​

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