Whether we’re looking for a pasta recipe for tonight’s dinner, chatting to a close friend, or reading emails while watching a sitcom – our smartphones are always within arm’s reach, keeping us connected with the outside world.

Unfortunately, chargers come with messy cables and always seems to go missing (especially in bigger households!). With smartphones being such a natural part of our lives, we want the charging part to become a natural part of our homes. That’s why IKEA created a range of wireless chargers that make mobile charging a lot more accessible, yet a lot less obvious.
IKEA Smart power research - 2016
My roll in this project was product developer. Responsible for the strategy and development of the new IKEA wireless charging IKEA product range.
Through research about life at home, we identified that looking for a charger for devices and getting rid of cable mess was a true customer wish. We took on this challenge and added IKEA home furnishing knowledge. The solution was furnishings with built in wireless chargers. In order to get access to the technology, IKEA became a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).  
My team focus was on creating an identity that represented IKEA vision to create more human tech. We used wood to dress the technology and developed objects that fit well in the home. 
Nordmärke, IKEA wireless charger - 2016
Our charging pads are designed to be used just about anywhere in the home, whether it’s on a windowsill in the living room, in a drawer in the bedroom, or on the kitchen worktop. They make mobile charging easy and convenient and they can charge one or several smartphones at once, which is great for families or in offices.
How do they work? Simply place your phone on the plus sign. That’s it. Some wireless chargers come with a USB outlet, making it possible to charge additional devices too.
“I wanted them to blend in easily in the home, but it’s equally important that the pads are easy to use. The result is a charging pad with a simple yet interesting design that can be used in many places across the home.’”- David Wahl, IKEA designer​​​​​​​
Nordmärke triple, wireless charger - 2016
We wanted to make charging a natural part of the home, so we chose to integrate wireless charging tech into side tables and lamps - the kind of furniture that’s used frequently - and turned them into wireless chargers. Not only do they make a home more beautiful, they make it easier to charge wherever you are. This is the IKEA range developed
IKEA Wireless charging furniture range - 2016
IKEA wireless charging camping in response of Apple joining Wireless Power Consortium - 2019

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