Esrawe Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Mexico City. It's aim is to develop furniture, interior design and architectural solutions for hospitality, cultural and residential projects.
Esrawe’s designs consist of limited edition pieces, furniture, interior design, as well as architecture, public space installation and museography. Wood, stainless steel, corian and textile elements are the materials that we found in collections of Esrawe design studio in which I led design and manufacturing.​​​​​​​​​​
“Design needs to be contextualized. This context is defined naturally by geography, culture and habits, but mostly by the relationship between the individuals and their own context—their connections, interactions and perceptions of it and those elements. If they are understood correctly and integrated properly into a design solution, they become physical and emotional.”-Héctor Esrawe
Esrawe design projects exhibition - 2008
At Esrawe, design is a living process of dialogue, linking the users with their surroundings. It is all about feeling the evolution of design, which stems from an understanding of basic physical and emotional needs of a given moment, and in each context. The studio’s creative essence is present throughout the entire process; a process perfected every day to offer new innovative concepts. The studio breaths of dedication, passion and persistence, focusing on fine details and quality, always pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges.
Digital sketches. Esrawe design studio - 2007
In my role as lead designer, I work closely together with Hector and  highly experienced industrial designers, architects, production technicians and graphic designers who make sure that each one of the studio’s projects is optimally crafted from conceptualization to the finishing details. ​​​​​​​
Wood, stainless steel, glass and textile elements are the materials that we found in collection 2007-2008 of Esrawe Studio in which I was the Design project leader. My responsibilities included generating concepts, product sketching, rendering, construction of volumetric scale models and prototypes, planning and production supervising. ​​​​​​​
One of my favorite exploration during my work at Esrawe studio was the design of "La Monja" a decanter inspired on the traditional structures to hold water.  The name is taken from the figure that refers to a nun wearing the habit. Moss, Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue, are some of the stores where the decanter is sold.
La monja. Water container - 2007
Plywood biombo - 2008
Solid wood lunch chair - 2007
Cabinet drawers with mirror metal base - 2007
Furniture manufacturing in Mexico has always played a roll in Mexico’s diverse manufacturing industry. Due to the importance of the furniture industry in a nation, it can be said that the industrial designer in Mexico has as an area of opportunity the strengthening of the national identity of the product that is consumed
Working with Esrawe meant working with diverse manufacturing process. Each product manufacturing requirement meant  to explore, clarify, figure out and tackle manufacturing issues to obtain remarkable design furniture. The different materials as well as the diverse techniques and processes that are involve in the production line–taught by the wisdom of people in the factory floor-, open the possibilities of creating furniture with its own language and expression.
Home-made, gentleness, solidness, static and warmness are values that will be found in Esrawe furniture expressed by the materials, warm colors, chamfer edges, evident join and the natural, row and rustic finishes which in turn will express the values and identity of the design language.
Esrawe showroom - 2009
Im so grateful of having Hector as my first mentor and design leader. I learned so much from him and the talented group of people he assailed together. Hector used to tell me about design: "it's all about closing the circle". Thank you Hector for all the learnings. 
Special thanks to Patrick, Ricardo, Ernest and Tania. You rock!
Esrawe studio team - 2007

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